Cash flow Management

The management and analysis of a companys cash flows. Careful cash flow management allows a company to estimate the amount of cash that it will have on hand at any one time, project trends in cash inflow and cash outflow, and evaluate whether a shortfall or surplus in cash could potentially occur. By this analysis company can invest idle or surplus funds in liquid and debt funds thus generating decent returns.

The investment objective of Liquid Funds is to invest in Debt & Money Market instruments up to 90 days maturity.

Such schemes are suitable for very short term deployment of funds, say for a tenure of 1 Day to 365 days. Rather this scheme can be used as a substitute to your Current/Savings Bank Account.

The return in this scheme is accrued/payable to the investor on a daily basis.

The transaction in this scheme can be done from Monday to Friday every week, other than Bank or Public Holidays. The cut off time for investing in this scheme is before 2.00 pm & the cut off time for redeeming funds from this scheme is 3.00 pm on every working day. The redemption proceeds will be credited to the customer account on T+1 basis i.e. next working day from the date of receipt of redemption(other than Saturday, Sunday, Bank/Public Holiday).

The entry/exit load in this scheme is NIL.